We are beer craftsmen

At the heart of our brewing company beats a passion for quality and authenticity in every sip.

In addition to offering exceptional beers, we promote the culture of urban beer

Since 2010 and with deep roots in the community, every beer we brew Birra 08 tells a unique story that reflects the diverse and creative essence of the city.

Tastings and workshops that we carry out in our brewery, not only offer an opportunity to taste our creations, but also immerse participants in the fascinating world of brewing. With each experience, we seek to inspire and share the love of craft beer, connecting with the local community and providing memorable moments of enjoyment and learning.

The Birra 08 team

We are a socially responsible company

In our constant commitment to social responsibility, we are proud to be a company rooted in Catalonia that goes beyond simple commercial activity. We actively collaborate with the local associative fabric, embracing the diversity of initiatives that enrich our community.

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration to generate a positive impact, and therefore, we partner with various local organizations with the aim of contributing to the social and environmental well-being of our region.

Through these collaborations, we seek to inspire and motivate other companies to join us in creating a lasting impact on Catalan society.

Birra 08 team

At our small brewery,... a passionate team makes it all possible!


Partner, coordination and production

As an engineer, he focuses on production with efficiency and consistency. Beyond kegs and bottles, he is also passionate about swing and blues dancing.聽His commitment to the community leads him to participate as a volunteer in different groups.


Founding partner, commercial and logistics

Multifaceted and passionate about what he likes. He passionately explains the culture of beer. He knows very well almost all the loading and unloading areas in Barcelona. His other passion is spending time with his family and friends.

Pere Anton

Processes and People

He optimizes processes and considers that the best way to do it is by living them from within. So you will find him everywhere. He also accompanies the Birra 08 project by acting as a mediator, coach and, if necessary, he puts on his apron to prepare for you a vegetable paella.


Partner and mentor

In addition to giving good advice, he never forgets to remind us to keep fighting. He also enjoys tasting our latest creations.


Founding partner

She believes in a well done job and quality products. Like everyone, she has her quirks. In her spare time, she reads poetry in Arabic.


Buy our beers

From refreshing lagers to robust ales, our artisanal variety becomes a tribute to the rich Catalan beer tradition and the lively energy of our neighborhood: El Clot.

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Need help? Let's talk by Whatsapp!
Need help? Let's talk by Whatsapp!