Beer Lab 08 is our brewing laboratory

And in there we create wild experiments!

At Beer Lab 08, our secret recipe is daring and know-how

In this corner of craft beer creation, we break all the rules and embrace overflowing creativity.
Every special beer we brew becomes a wild experiment and every drink is a unique adventure.

In each special batch we make we play with ingredients that defy logic and awaken the senses. From exotic malts to mysterious botanicals, bold hops and wild yeasts, it all comes together in a cocktail of flavors that defies expectations.

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Would you like to try a beer that has been blessed by the magic of mushrooms or pampered by the essence of wood?

At Beer Lab 08 each production is unique and only a lucky few will be able to try our creations, whether聽buying Beer Lab edition bottles聽in our online store, attending our tastings or visiting the beer festivals in which we participate.

Follow closely our social profiles, because there we will announce each new beer extravaganza, and only the most intrepid will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the chaos of flavor. Join the Lab 08 tribe and discover why beer can be as surprising as your imagination allows.

Fun is served!


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From refreshing lagers to robust ales, our artisanal variety becomes a tribute to the rich Catalan beer tradition and the lively energy of our neighborhood: El Clot.

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Need help? Let's talk by Whatsapp!
Need help? Let's talk by Whatsapp!