Our beers

All our beers are packed in a cardboard box containing twelve bottles of 33 cl. We can provide special packaging if needed for shipping.

You can buy our products in any Point of Sale or Buy online in our online store.

Meet our beers

Barceloneta 08003

Price: 29 € (12 bottle box)

Summer Ale. SRM 3. Ibus 25. Alcohol 2,8%
EAN: 8437014466010

Blonde ale. Gold-colored, fresh and a bit sparkling.
Mango, peach and tropical fruit aromas.
Barceloneta is a beer that evokes a variety of fruits and a range of flavors surprisingly tasty considering the low alcohol percentage.
Easy-drinking and accessible but with interesting nuances.
Pairs with cold dishes, tapas, seafood.

Clot 08018

Price: 29 € (12 bottle box)

Classic Pale Ale. SRM 15. Ibus 35. Alcohol 4,1 %
EAN: 843701446602

Amber and copper-colored. Neat and shiny.
Watermelon and grapefruit aromas. Subtle hints of bread.
Clot is a smooth and sweet beer where the crispy taste of malts which evolves into a touch of bread and cookies.
Flavor notes of liquorice and caramel and concludes with a bitter and lasting hop end.
Pairs with first course dishes, risottos, pasta and carpaccios.

Eixample 08015

Price: 29 € (12 bottle box)

Brown ale. SRM 25. Ibus 50. Alcohol 6,5 %
EAN: 8437014466034

Dark beer. Rust and clay-colored. Cacao and coffee notes.
Sweet beer with hints of grass, strawberry, brown fruits, dates. Sensations explode in the mouth, from the sweetness of the malts to the bitterness of the hops and combine in a complex finale.
Sophisticated and demanding.
Pairs with main course dishes, desserts and chocolate.

Secret de Linyola

Price: 29 € (12 bottle box)

Spicy ale. SRM 8. Ibus 30. Alcohol 4,9%
EAN: 8437014466065

Special recipe born of the cooperation between Parc de les Olors and Birra 08.
Aromatised with wild chamomile of Linyola.
Gold-colored. Sweet aromas of malts, nuts, citric hops. In the mouth, creamy, with hints of honey. The contribution of chamomile is gentle but clear.
It is the result of a sophisticated gastronomic recipe.
Pairs with spicy meat, mushrooms, deserts.


Price: 29 € (12 bottle box)

Spicy ale. SRM 8. Ibus 25. Alcohol 5,5 %
EAN: 8437014466140

Special recipe born of the cooperation between “Parc de les Olors” and Birra 08.
Aromatised with Thimus Mastichina.
Fresh aromas of grass and mint.
In the mouth, the aromas still have a huge presence, hints of eucalyptus. The malts brings a final sumptuousness.
Innovative and aromatic.
Pairs with fishes, meat and appetizers.

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